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Why ?

Women Network Alsace propose to facilitate discussions and actions, between the various Entreprise Women Networks in the Region Alsace. The objective is to allow Alsacian Companies to leverage on actions from employee networks, and build value with the power of Employee Resource Group.


This could be done via exchanges on best practices, competencies sharing, events co-organisation, in partnership with all the networks in place.

Convinced about the power of the network and cooperation, and by women energy,  Women Network Alsace is willing to collaborate with men and women who are acting for diversity in economy, and with every actors interested by the gender equality promotion.

How ?

Started in 2018, Women Network Alsace is not a network with regular/monthly event, but an innovation group to develop projects together.

If you have ideas,projects and you need help, please contact us. 

Alone, we can not do a lot, together we can build big things.


You want to develop projects with Women Network Alsace ? Contact us

You can find us here:


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All our News and Live of events in our Facebook Page


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This group allows you to exchange on ideas, projects..

Linkedin Group


We co-organised with SNCF au Féminin the event "le Printemps des Réseaux" in March 2019. Find everything about the event here - in FRENCH

Our Event - March 21st 2018

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Find all our news on our Linkedin Company Page

Linkedin Company Page

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